Batting Your Lashes

I didn’t need an esthetician to tell me my eyelashes are “short and pin straight,” but that’s exactly how my esthetician accurately described them. They hardly register in photos; they’re so short, in fact, that mascara barely sticks to them and hardly makes a difference, anyway. So when I heard that ******* was introducing Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions, I couldn’t resist the chance to try them out, especially with the holiday party season coming.

My mother’s reaction, when I told her about my plans, took me by surprise.

“What if you had a reaction and your eyes puffed up and you couldn’t see?”

I hadn’t thought of that.

What I did worry about, and what almost caused me to lose my nerve and cancel, was whether the application would hurt or be so uncomfortable that I’d go running out of the spa half-lashed. Luckily none of that happened. There was no reaction at all, and the process was actually quite relaxing.

Brenda began by arranging me on a raised bed much like a massage table, wrapped in a comforting blanket to help me relax. Then she cleaned my eyelids and lashes and applied guards to keep my lower lashes out of the way. Using tape, she gently pulled up my eyelids, not enough to open my eyes, but just to present the target area for application.

I was quite relieved to learn that my eyes could remain shut throughout the entire procedure. I had imagined having to fight the reflex to blink or close my lids every time she came at me with another lash extension. The synthetic extensions are in fact individual lashes, only longer and curlier than my own. Each is applied using black surgical glue to the shaft of an existing natural lash.

There was no real discomfort at all, just a little pressure initially, then a puff of air to dry the glue. The whole thing took about two hours and if I hadn’t discovered that Heather’s mother and I were old friends who had lost touch, I might have almost fallen asleep. As it was, we had lots to talk about and the time was over before I knew it. I was thrilled with the results. It was more suble than I expected and not artificial looking at all. Definitely not like the caterpillar effect of fake lashes. Most important, I had length.

Adjusting to them has been very easy.

For the first 24 hours I was told to avoid getting them wet and to sleep on my back. After that, the only caution is to not pick at them and avoid steam baths and saunas. You don’t need mascara, or at most, just a touch at the ends. They are supposed to last from six to eight weeks and so far I’m not aware of having lost any. They will eventually fall out as my own lashes fall out naturally. But they can be filled, just as artificial nails are filled. The first fill is included in the base price. Are they worth it? Many would find $300 expensive, especially for about two months, but that’s not a whole lot more than a hair cut and colour, which last about as long.

What was the reaction from my family and friends?

My colleagues at work were impressed and my husband is quite tickled. Just ask him about the butterfly kisses.


– Product: Extreme Lashes are lash extensions that are individual synthetic lashes.

– Application: Takes about two hours and uses surgical glue.

– be sure to book fills to replace any lashes that may fall out.

Copyright Southam Publications Inc. Nov 27, 2007