Eyelash Architecture

Eyelash Architecture Enters Skyscraper Era

Scan the celebrity tabloids, flip on daytime TV or even the national news and you’ll see them. Amid the amazingly ample breasts, the unlined foreheads and the full lips are sets of long, dense, fluttery eyelashes. You may cynically, and rightly, assume that implants, Botox and collagen have worked their magic on more than a few of these body parts. Guess what? The lashes are fake, too.

Look closely at Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, Lindsay Lohan and a long list of cable news anchors and you’ll spot the telltale signs: thick eyeliner (to hide the false-lash strip edges); lashes that nearly touch the brows (only freaks of nature grow them so long); a spidery pattern of spikes that would make Liza Minnelli proud.

The old obsession over big lips has given way to a new fetish for big lashes. It started with the troupes of thick-lashed lasses walking the runways for lofty fashion houses. Fashion magazines and celebrity stylists picked up on the notion, and now the rest of us are buying record numbers of fortified mascaras and flocking to salons offering the latest beauty fad: eyelash extensions.

False eyelashes have lost their tarty image and are stopping traffic at upscale cosmetic counters. At last, top makeup artists are coming clean about how they make the stars’ eyes shine so bright. “False eyelashes are the best-kept secret in makeup,” said Vincent Longo. “I’ve been doing lashes for 22 years, and I don’t think false lashes have ever left my kit.”

Lash extensions are creating the most buzz. In the painstaking, two-hour process, a technician glues about two dozen individual, artificial lashes onto each eyelid’s natural lashes, one by one by one. Unlike mascara or false eyelashes, the new extensions can remain in place for four to six weeks. The investment of time and money makes eyelash extensions an option for women who want round-the-clock, low-maintenance glamour.

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