“The Xtreme Lash training Sharon Broda’s ¬†staff has engaged in is very extensive expensive, and thorough – they do not watch a video and attempt to adhere lashes to your lash line.”

The founder of Xtreme Lashes – Jo Mousselli – is a nurse and has developed this procedure utilizing medically proven concepts of care, precision and quality to make it safe and clean. Xtreme Lashes labs have worked very hard to create an adhesive that is not toxic. The procedure of adhering one lash at a time to your own lash is not easy.

The lash line is like a garden growing, our lash cycle is 60 to 90 days. Our lash technicians will look for the lashes that are mid length because they will get the most life out of the extension. There are short, mid and long lashes existing in your garden. The short ones are too short to adhere anything to and the long ones are on their way out. This procedure takes patience and determination to perform. The girls have gone through extensive training and practicums, and believe me, they are the best. In fact I have the best Lash Stylists in Canada.


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