Brides! Are you on this yet?

eyelash-extensions-bridalYou keep imagining the perfect wedding. You’re on your way to making it reality. The preparation, bridal shows, caterers, flowers, registries, cake, the details are never ending. Planning, planning, planning. And the pampering seems to be missing from the beginning

Here’s an idea – book some pampering into the process. Have a plan to pamper your bridesmaids and make the call for information. Ask about eyelash extensions for the beautiful women who will be standing with you – your bridesmaids (and of course, for the bride).

Lash extensions are of great benefit to your wedding plans. They save time, save face (create a well rested look), help you stay fresh on your wedding day, guard against the smeared mascara look from tears of joy, and they ensure you wake up beautiful every day following.

If you live in the Calgary area, or anywhere in Southern Alberta and you’re planning your wedding, Call the Inglewood Beauty Bar in Calgary today and ask about wedding specials and wedding preparations. The professionals there can help you with the planning of the process to have all your lashes looking spectacular well in advance of,  through and beyond your wedding day.

We adhere to a set of recommendations for client wedding parties. The bride and the bridal party should all be evaluated and concerns met in plenty of time to alleviate wedding day issues (ideally, 4 – 5 weeks in advance of the wedding). Our wedding schedule should be considered and integrated with your wedding schedule in order to take advantage of our knowledge of the perfect regimen of initial set application, first fill and second fill to complete the look for your bridal party.

See our appointments page and call us – we can help you make beautiful memories.